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Apacer Technology Inc. is a global leader in memory module and digital storage hardware and software. Since the company's inception, Apacer's focus on recording, reproducing and retaining all types of digital data has been the driving force in providing customers with the best memory products and services.

Apacer understands the importance of data and how consumers use data. Through customer feedback and strong market research, Apacer's young, creative and dynamic team culture develops products that are innovative in design, engineered for high reliability using state-of-the-art technology, and that match consumer needs. The Apacer brand promises consumers they can "Access the best" memory modules and digital storage products and services.

Apacer gives customers access to a global memory module manufacturer and supply chain whose products have been independently tested as some of the best on the market in performance, reliability and value. Apacer offers the most innovative flash memory products utilized in today's music, video, phone, and gaming devices. With digital content becoming an ever greater part of everyday life, Apacer also provides the newest and most exciting digital mobile entertainment devices available.

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