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  •  - XJIO-PCI Board

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The XJIO-PCI board is an expansion unit that will integrate with your XJTAG test system. It allows you to plug in and test your PCI cards and provides access to otherwise inaccessible areas of your circuit.

With a range of digital and analogue I/O on the XJIO-PCI board, you can increase test coverage and improve fault diagnosis, verify power rail levels, and dispense with costly custom test jigs - even for non-JTAG boards.

Key Benefits
Improve reliability of your boards by increasing analogue, digital and interface test coverage
Reduce your debug time by enhanced fault diagnosis
Reduce the cost and complexity of your custom test jigs
Reach your devices on non-JTAG boards with 'Black box' testing
Easy to plug in & test PCI boards
96 digital I/O pins with user-configurable voltage range – 1.8V to 3.3V (5V tolerant)
On-board 8 channel ADC and DAC
Fully expandable to meet your needs
Switches and LEDs for user interaction
'Black box' testing for non-JTAG boards
Reusable, replacing multiple custom test jigs
Standard IDC connectors
ATX power connector
64 bit 3.3V PCI connector
RS232 / UART

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