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PXI modules


  •  - PXI modules
  •  - PXI modules

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The PXI modules allow you to run XJTAG from a PXI rack alongside the rest of your test equipment. PXI-01 and PXI-02, with one and two JTAG ports respectively, provide a PXI interface to the JTAG chain on your Unit Under Test (UUT).

Key Benefits
Standard PXI interface: ideal for lab and production work.
Modular, scalable solution.
Self-contained licence allow you to run XJTAG from a standalone PXI rack.
Re-configurable unit for multiple UUTs saving costs.
Easy integration with NI's LabVIEW.
32bit PXI/c PCI bus interface.
3U form factor.
LabVIEW VIs (National Instruments).
Adjustable JTAG signal termination.
Automatic signal skew control.
Handles different cable and board configurations.
Can supply power to the target board (3.3V, <100mA).
JTAG signals are +5V tolerant.
Spare signals on JTAG connector can be used to control other items - e.g. hold a board in reset / turn on a PSU.
Full tutorials provided for all software packages based on supplied demonstration hardware.

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