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A New Outlook for Performance Driven System Designs

DDR3 continues the evolution of the DDR and DDR2 technologies to provide continued improvements in performance.

The DDR3 technology is in early production and is expected to be cost competitive with DDR2 in 2009.

However, it does offer increased transfer rates of PC3-6400 (2.5 ns clock), PC3-8500 (1.875 ns clock), PC3-10600 (1.5 ns. Clock), and PC3-12800 (1.25 ns clock). Thus, this technology can be a great new outlook for system designs that are performance driven. DDR3 also saves power by lowering the power supply voltage to 1.5 volts. STEC plans to offer a low power 1.35V module in the future.

  • Scalability of Speeds to Reach 1600 MT/s
  • Available in both Unbuffered and ECC Registered Versions
  • Provides the highest transfer rate performance
  • 1.5 Volt operating voltage and 1.35 Volt for lower applications
  • High density: Up to 8GB (up to 16GB soon)
  • Available in 240 DIMM, 204 So-DIMM, and 244 Mini-DIMM form factors

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