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Enhancement of DDR with Improvements to Transfer Data & Speed

DDR2 is an evolutionary enhancement over DDR. This technology is currently the largest selling technology today and offers the best cost per bit. Most new system designs today would likely choose to use DDR2.

It takes advantage of the DDR improvements to transfer data on both edges of the clock. In addition, it further improves the speeds to provide standard transfer rates of PC2-3200 (5.0 ns clock), PC2-4200 (3.75 ns clock), PC2-5300 (3.0 ns clock), and PC2-6400 (2.5 ns clock). DDR2 chips save further power over the previous technologies because these chips use a standard voltage of 1.8 volts.

For low power applications, STEC has capabilities to provide low power 1.55V modules.

  • Low Power Consumption & System Cost
  • Operating Voltage Only of 1.8 for DDR2 Compared to 2.5 in DDR
  • Speeds for DDR2 can reach speeds as high as DDR2-800
  • 40% Lower Power Consumption Than DDR-400
  • Lower Heat Generation Allows Systems To Run Cooler
  • Higher Density : Up to 8GB Modules (Using 2Gb Chips)

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