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Advancement Over SDRAM Technology that Increases Memory Bandwidth and Performance

Double Data Rate (DDR) is an advancement over SDRAM technology that increases memory bandwidth and performance while maintaining competitive pricing. DDR is the evolutionary technology that succeeded the previous standard Synchronous DRAM technology, which is now called SDR (Single Data Rate).

DDR achieves its performance by transferring data on both the rising edge and the falling edge of the clock. Standard speeds for DDR include PC-2100 (7.5 ns clock), PC-2700 (6.0 ns clock), and PC-3200 (5.0 ns clock). Chips with DDR technology also save power because they run at 2.5 or 2.6 volts rather than the higher voltages used by the earlier technologies.

  • Scalability of Speeds to Reach up to 400 Megatransfers/second
  • Lower System Cost
  • Lower Heat Generation, Systems Run Cooler
  • Available Form Factors: Full-sized DIMM, VLP DIMM & So-DIMM
  • Higher Density: Up to 4GB Modules (Using 1Gb chips)

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