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TRITON-ETN (End Of Life)




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The next generation XScale™ based TRITON™ module features Fast-Ethernet onboard and a 200 pins expansion interface in addition to the basic TRITON™ system at the same size. TRITON™ is a complete computer, implemented on a board smaller than a credit card, and ready to be designed into your embedded system. TRITON™ includes a 400MHz Intel® XScale™ processor, SDRAM and Flash memory. The integrated LCD-controller enables direct connection of a LCD screen, and the standard-PCMCIAinterface permits simple extension and integration into a target system. Made as a standard-DIMM144-module, TRITON™ occupies an area of just 67.6 x 36.6 mm with a maximum height of 8.5 mm.

  • DIMM144 TRITON socket
  • Compact Flash card socket
  • RS232 interface and connector
  • JTAG interface
  • All pins of the TRITON socket are connected to a pin pad field
  • predecoded chip select signals
  • Buffered address and data bus
  • 10/100Mbit Ethernet
  • Disconnectable TRITON power supply for power consumption measurements
  • 3,3V single supply design
  • All schematics of the base board are included as reference.
  • Ultra-Low-Profile overall dimensions 67.6 x 36.6 x 7.3 mm (mounted)
  • Cord power supply and JTAG/RS232 cables included
  • Complete 32-bit memory interface available

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